Re:bir Nursing Bra

Size: M

Re:bir Nursing Bra


Product information

Product Features

1. soft comfort
Designed to fit the body of pregnant women and made of soft materials, it is comfortable even when breastfeeding.

2. environmentally friendly materials
Functional eco-friendly product using carbon zero modal + recycled fibre coolmax + lycra spandex.
. Carbon Zero Modal (60%) : Carbon Zero Modal is an eco-friendly material that is softer and more absorbent than cotton, breathable and durable.

. Recycled fibre Coolmax: Coolmax is a lightweight, durable and functional material that wicks and dries quickly for a comfortable fit.
durable, lightweight and functional material that provides fast wicking and drying for a comfortable fit.

. Lycra spandex: Lycra spandex is a technical material with excellent stretch and resilience that is comfortable for long periods of wear.

3. Excellent quick-drying properties
The material absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly for long-lasting comfort.

4.100% recyclable packaging to put the environment first.

Product Details

. One-touch part: one-touch opening and closing at the top of both cups

. Magic button: adjusts the opening to suit different bust sizes.

. No-wire: comfort without compression of the wires

Composition :

 60% Modal / 34% Polyester / 6% Lycra


1. It is made of eco-friendly material, but is it durable?
Lycra spandex is a functional material that is lightweight and comfortable even when worn for a long time. It is designed to last longer than conventional products by using Coolmax and Modal.

2. What is the difference between virgin and recycled fibres?
Recycled fibres are made from wood. cellulose, such as pulp, dissolved in a solvent and processed into fibres,
Recycled fibres are made from discarded materials such as plastic bottles and waste fibres that are reprocessed into new fibres.   
Our ' Re:bir' Innerwear series is made from 'Modal', a recycled fibre, and 'Coolmax EcoMade', a recycled fibre.

3. Do I need to take special care when washing eco-friendly materials?
Highly functional fabrics should not be washed in hot water or used in the dryer as they can be damaged.

4. What is the actual environmental impact of using eco-friendly materials?
They have a positive impact on the environment in a number of ways, including reducing the use of fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water use and pollution. They also contribute to the protection of ecosystems by supporting sustainable agriculture, forestry and manufacturing processes. 

Product Information
Product Name:  Re:bir Nursing Bra
Composition: 1 bra
Color: Beige
Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL
Material: 60% modal, 34% coolmax, 6% lycra
Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Babiz Korea