Aero wrap wrist guards

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Aero wrap wrist guards

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1. Comfortable Adjustability:
Tailor your support based on daily fluctuations with the adjustable wrist strap. Whether it's morning swelling or evening fatigue, these guards provide adaptable support for various conditions.

2. Velcro Innovation:
Experience unparalleled freedom of movement with Velcro adjustments. Unlike traditional protectors, these guards offer flexibility in wrist movement, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising support.

3. Softmax Material:
The Softmax material sets a new standard for elasticity, support, breathability, and absorption. Enjoy firm support without the discomfort of stuffiness or sweat, even during prolonged wear. Mothersbaby's extensive material tests have resulted in a blend that prioritizes your comfort.

Softmax: Balancing elasticity, support, breathability, and absorption

4. Two-Handed Configuration:
Recognizing the need to protect both joints, these wrist guards come in a two-handed configuration. Elevate your wrist protection game with this thoughtful design catering to the unique demands of pregnancy.

How to Wear:
Place the loop on your thumb and wrap it following the arrow's direction on the back of your hand.
Wind the protector and adjust the strength by pulling it in the direction of the arrow.
Secure it by attaching Velcro at a position that is snug but not overly tight.

Product Details:
Product Name: Aero Tantan Wrap Wrist Guards (Adjustable)
Composition: 2 Wrist Guards
Color Options: Windy Pink, Windy Gray,IVORY
Size: S-L (One size fits all) - Wrist Size: 13-21cm, Product Size: 8 x 32cm
Material: 71% Polyester, 29% Spandex
Manufacturer: Babiz Korea
Origin: Made in Korea

Embrace freedom and support at every turn with the MOTHERSBABY Aero Tantan Wrap Wrist Guards—an essential companion in your remarkable journey to motherhood.