Aerosoft wrist & palm support band (finger)

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Aerosoft wrist & palm support band (finger)

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Product information

1. Firmly without feeling stuffy
If you think about the pregnant woman's body, the design of the product must be different.
Designed by experts for the condition of pregnant women
Mother's Baby Protector supports daily life without feeling stuffy.

2. From the beginning of childbirth preparation
The birth-promoting hormone "relaxin" is secreted from the 5th month of pregnancy to the 6th month after childbirth.
Prepare for relaxation care in advance when the mother's body starts preparing for childbirth.

3. Relax your body and mind
Mother Baby, who studies the daily life of mothers, does not miss a single detail and contains only essential functions.
For easy wearing, comfortable living and hygienic washing
Soft material and simple design protect the mother's body before and after childbirth.

4. Comfortable with Biomax material
It is breathable, soft and comfortable by using a functional Biomax material that is both antibacterial and comfortable.

Functional material with antibacterial and comfort at the same time

Micro Yarn:
The smooth ventilation function prevents sweat from being absorbed, creating a soft and comfortable fit.

Permanent sweat-wicking quick-drying:
Its sweat-drying action lowers body temperature in summer and keeps it dry in winter to prevent body temperature loss.

Antibacterial effect:
It kills 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus, and MRSA (malignant bacteria) to maintain a comfortable state.

size wrist circumference product size
M-L 14.5 ~ 19 cm 7 x 15 cm

Product name:
Aerosoft wrist & palm support band(finger)[Consists of: 2 pcs]
Color:Pink, Gray
Size: M-L (7 x 15 cm) one size
Material: 70% polyester, 30% polyurethane
Manufacturer : babiz korea
origin : made in korea