Breast milk storage bag (30 sheets)

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Breast milk storage bag (30 sheets)

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1. 360º Transparent Design:
Immerse yourself in peace of mind with the transparent design allowing you to effortlessly check the color and contents of breast milk from every angle.

2. Pink Mark with Temperature Sensor:
Witness the magic of the pink mark, which functions as a temperature sensor. It turns pink when breast milk reaches the safe temperature for feeding, adding an extra layer of assurance.

3. Breast Milk Management:
Simplify breast milk management with an intuitive design featuring a capacity scale in ounces and milliliters. Fields for name, date, and time ensure organized breastfeeding, and an expiration date guide makes it easy to understand when to use.

4. Safe and Secure:
Experience leak-free storage with the upgraded double compression zipper. The material is BPA-free, adhering to FDA standards and food hygiene laws, ensuring a clean and secure environment for your baby's nourishment. Each storage pack is housed in an antibacterial poly bag for added safety during storage and transportation.

5. Convenient and Safe Usage:
Enjoy the convenience of the easy-cut feature with two steps: one for adding breast milk and the other for clean pouring into a baby bottle. The stand-type structure allows for easy filling and storage.

6. Usage Guidelines:
Learn how to use the alternate temperature breast milk storage pack effectively, including storage times, handling, and feeding precautions. Ensure a nutrient-rich and safe breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby.

Product Information:
Product Name: Breast Milk Storage Bag (30 Sheets)
Composition: 30 Sheets
Cold and Heat Resistant Temperature: -20~80ºC
Size: 100 X 180 MM
Material: PET + LLDPE
Manufacturer: ZANGAN HITHECH
Sale Company: BABIZKOREA
Country of Origin: KOREA

Elevate your breastfeeding journey with the MOTHERSBABY Alternate Temperature Breast Milk Storage Bag—where safety, transparency, and convenience converge for a nourishing experience.