Molip Nursing Bra

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Molip Nursing Bra

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1.Full Cup Mold:
Developed with mothersbaby's own expertise, the full-cup molded bra supports and enhances a mother's breasts, maintaining a beautiful volume.

2.Lifting for the Always Beautiful Mother's Body:
Designed to lift and support the mother's body, ensuring comfort and maintaining beautiful lines even during breastfeeding.

3.Magic Mash One Touch Opening:
Features a one-touch opening and closing mechanism for easy breastfeeding, providing convenience without compromising on comfort.

4.Wide Wings:
Developed with mothersbaby's know-how, the wide wings offer stability and a secure fit, enhancing the overall comfort of the bra.

5.No-Wire Comfort:
Ensures no pressure from wires, providing comfort for the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

6.Double Magic Mesh Band:
Incorporates two magic mesh bands for technical support, contributing to the comfort and stability of the bra.

7.Microfiber Magic Material:
Uses microfiber material for a soft and light feel, offering four-way elasticity for comfort in daily wear.
Quick-drying function absorbs sweat efficiently, enhancing the overall comfort.

8.100% Cotton Terry Lining:
The full cup lining is made of soft 100% cotton terry, ensuring a non-irritating experience, especially for sensitive skin.

9.Wide Magic Banding:
Provides comfort by eliminating seams on the side of the chest, and the wide banding sufficiently covers the bust line.

Product Details:
Product Name: Molip Nursing Bra
Composition: 1 Suyubra
Color Options: Baby, Pink, Black
Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL
Material: 85% Nylon, 15% Polyurethane (Cap Lining 100% Cotton)
Manufacturer: Barbiz Korea
Country of Manufacture: China

The "Molip Nursing Bra" is a result of 20 years of experience and know-how in developing solutions for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Its combination of comfort, design, stability, and technical features makes it an excellent choice for mothers seeking both practicality and style.