Perfect-fit Disposable Nursing Pad (120pcs)

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사이즈: 120 sheets

Perfect-fit Disposable Nursing Pad (120pcs)

120 sheets
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happy breastfeeding solution

1. Specially designed honeycomb pattern
The dense honeycomb pattern increases breathability and absorbs the remaining breast milk quickly.
2.12.5cm wide polymer absorbent layer
The widest size among the products on the market meets the polymer absorbent gel to absorb breast milk quickly and generously, so you can use it with confidence.
3.4 Heavy leak prevention wire and waterproof sheet
There is no need to worry about leaks with the all-round quadruple prevention line and the wider waterproof sheet on the outside.
The secret to fit
1. Close-fitting design
Built-in bands on both sides naturally fit three-dimensionally along the curve of the chest.
2.Soft sheet
Soft sheet material without irritation
It makes for a comfortable fit.
3. Anti-slip tape
Two wide adhesive tapes hold it in place
Mothersbaby Perfect fit Nursing Pads are individually wrapped in non-woven fabric for 1P each, making them safer and more hygienic than plastic packaging.

Even if the milk flows cleanly!
Use a nursing pad like this
1. Pull the side of the nonwoven fabric to open it and take out the nursing pad.
2. After unfolding the nursing pad folded in half, peel off the coated side of the two adhesive tapes.
3. Align the pad with the inner center of the bra and attach the adhesive side of the fixing tape to the bra.
4. It is recommended to change every 3-4 hours and change the pad frequently according to the amount of breast milk.