Postpartum belly band

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Postpartum belly band

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1. Comfortable Fit:
The lightweight and soft material gently adheres to the skin, providing comfort throughout the day.
Eight steel bones wrap around the abdomen and waist, offering additional support.

2. Size Adjustable:
Equipped with a double belt and wide Velcro, allowing easy adjustment to fit your unique body shape.
The size can be freely adjusted for a tailored and comfortable fit.

3. Excellent for Body Recovery:
Reduces back pain and provides protection to the abdomen and pelvis after childbirth. Aids in correcting body shape and supports the restoration of your pre-pregnancy body.

Size Information:
Product Size: 87.5 x 23 cm
Waist Circumference: 87.5 x 23 cm
Product Details:
Product Name: Postpartum Belly Belt
Color: Beige
Size: M~L (ONE SIZE)
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane
Manufacturer and Sales: Babiz Korea
Origin: Korea

How to Use:
Wrap the belly belt around your abdomen and waist.
Adjust the size using the double belt and secure it in place with the wide Velcro.

Comfortable Recovery: Lightweight and soft material for a comfortable and supportive recovery experience.
Tailored Fit: Size adjustability allows for a customized fit according to your body shape.
Postpartum Support: Reduces back pain and aids in abdominal and pelvic support after childbirth.
Body Shape Correction: Helps in correcting body shape and supporting the restoration of the body after pregnancy.

Embrace the journey of postpartum recovery with the Postpartum Belly Belt by Mothersbaby – a thoughtful blend of comfort and functionality designed to support and care for mothers during this special time.