CUNA Nursing Pillow(loving)

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Pink, Blue, Beige, Mint, Gray: Pink - 30

CUNA Nursing Pillow(loving)

Pink, Blue, Beige, Mint, Gray
Pink - 30
Blue - 30
Beige - 30
Mint - 30
Gray - 30
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Cuna Nursing Pillow:

The Cradle of Comfort for Happy Breastfeeding

Introducing the "Cuna Nursing Pillow" where Cuna stands for the 'cradle of mother's arms.' In the comforting embrace of a mother's arms, where the baby finds utmost comfort, we present the Cuna Nursing Pillow, named 'Cradle.' Experience the joy of happy breastfeeding with this thoughtfully designed pillow.

Mothersbaby Way:

Experience/ Observation/ Wisdom/ esearch/ Sharing

Key Features:

1.Secret of 11 Degree Close Inclination Angle: Ergonomic Height
The 11-degree close inclination angle is the secret to the ergonomic height. This angle allows the baby to naturally adhere to the mother's arms, ensuring a stable latch for the baby and a comfortable breastfeeding experience for the mother.

2.Optimal height for comfort:

 The nursing cushion supports your baby's mouth in the same position as your breast for comfortable feeding.

3.Rigid for Comfort
The pillow maintains a stable position over time, providing lasting comfort and preventing unwanted shifts based on the baby's weight.

4.Strong Waist Belt
Mothersbaby prioritizes the use of a strong waist belt for added stability. This belt ensures that the nursing pillow stays securely in place, preventing disruptions to the mother's posture during breastfeeding.

5.Compact and Lightweight
The Cuna Nursing Pillow is designed with only essential functions, making it 600g lighter and free from unnecessary burden.

6.Comfortable Mesh Material
Mesh material is used on the underside and waist belt, providing a comfortable and breathable experience for both the mother and the baby.

7.Clean & Inner Cover
The nursing pillow utilizes a high-quality polyurethane sponge, enhancing hygiene compared to traditional cotton fillings. The inner lining allows for easy removal of the outer cover for washing.

8.Loving Design
Crafted with luxurious waffle cotton material, the Cuna Nursing Pillow exudes a sense of love and care.


Size: 60 x 40 x 16 CM
Weight: Approximately 600g
Material: Cover (Outer side - 100% cotton, mesh - 100% polyester / Filling material: Sponge - 100% polyurethane / Inner shell: 100% polyolefin)
Colors: Mint, Gray, Pink, Beige, Blue
Age of Use: 0-24 months
Origin: Korea