Wooden foot stool for breastfeeding

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Wooden foot stool for breastfeeding

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1. Stable Breastfeeding with Correct Posture:
Maintain the right posture for stable breastfeeding, reducing strain on the lower body. Elevating the knees brings you closer to your baby, significantly lowering the risk of nipple inflammation and pain.

2. Comfortable 10-Degree Inclination Angle:
Designed with a 10-degree inclination angle, ensuring the most comfortable posture. It alleviates back and shoulder pain, common discomforts during breastfeeding, promoting a stress-free experience.

3. Non-Slip Leg Pads for Safety:
Equipped with rubber hooves on all sides, providing excellent ground friction for a secure and slip-free experience.

4. Neat Rounding for Safety:
Prioritizing health and safety, the stool features rounded edges for a tidy finish.

5. Enhanced Durability with Backrest:
Two supports on both sides of the stool prevent shaking or twisting, ensuring durability and stability.

6. Versatile Usage Beyond Breastfeeding:
Ideal for watching TV comfortably on the sofa, making it a thoughtful filial gift.
Perfect for office workers sitting for extended periods or students and examinees studying at desks.

Product Specifications:
Product Name: Wooden Foot Stool for Breastfeeding
Configuration: 1 Foot Stool
Size: 32.5cm x 27.5cm x 12.5cm (front) x 16.5cm (back) with a 10-degree inclination angle
Weight: 2.5kg
Color: Brown, Natural
Material: Douglas (Pine)
Manufacturer: Babiz Korea
Origin: Korea

Enhance your breastfeeding journey with the Wooden Foot Stool for Breastfeeding—a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and durability. Prioritize correct posture for a joyous and pain-free breastfeeding experience.